Please Visit our supporters page for a preview of the
quality businesses that were present during the festival
to show you their VALUE to you and our county.    

Beacon Avionics
Charter Business
Hooters Saginaw/Bay City
IT Solutions
Kaufman Aviation Management
Michigan CardioVascular Institute
St. Mary's of Saginaw
Systecore Inc.
Valley Aviation
Windsock Aviation
Western Michigan University - Aviation
Saginaw County
H W Browne
4821 Janes Rd.
Saginaw, Michigan
Approaches for
Kaufman Aviation Management, Saginaw County, All Based Pilots
and The Saginaw Air Museum invite you to visit us in any weather.
Try our
Within 5 miles
of Browne Airport
Seeley Aircraft
Propeller Balancing
Premium Aircraft
Maintenance & Rental
Photo Flights & Tours
$ 4.99 / gal / 100LL
$ 5.50 Jet A w/Prist
All Taxes Included
Bob Hoover
Aerobatics #1
B-29 and X-1 Model
Old School Aircraft
Ride in an F/A 18 Hornet Make sure and click on all 5 excerpts
GOD Bless the USA
U2 Flight Must See
Low Level Flying
Alan Kaufman Jr
IT Solutions
Solutions for all your computer needs.
Mobile (989) 737-3441
first lesson
Must See
Not Afraid of Heights
Try this!!!!!!!!!!!
Blue Angels
Bob Hoover from Dan Kenny
New Terminal
2012 Progress
Click Here
If at first you don't succeed
skydiving is not for you
We Support and Promote
Helicopter Operations
We can only accept VISA or MasterCard
We're in our new home and we welcome you to visit us.
Al Kaufman and Kaufman Aviation Management always offers a warm reception and coffee.
All the local pilots are getting used to the new and improved terminal and also welcome you to enjoy the
convince and comfort built for pilots and transients of Saginaw County.
The State of Michigan Betsy Steudle, Laura Wise and Mead & Hunt, Inc. Bob Leisenring were instrumental in
offering this state of the art, comfortable and very energy efficient environment to promote the infrastructure
for air travel and business in Saginaw County and Buena Vista Michigan.
A Special acknowledgement to:
Gerald G. Bergman, Inc.
515 N. Woodbridge Street
Saginaw, MI  48602
The BEST Architect we could have asked for, this you need to visit to see for yourself.
Windsock Aviation
Joni Dimond, CFII
Frankenmuth, Michigan    66G
Cell:  (989) 928-8359
Saginaw History
Did you know the Paramount Aircraft
Corporation formed in Saginaw, Michigan
on August 28, 1928 by two pioneer aviators,
Walter Carr and Joseph Behse.  They
designed and built the Paramont Sportster
and the Cabinaire as shown with it's current
See our history page on link below.
Aviation Fuel Lowest in the State
First week in December 2014
never guess what??
Steve Seeley Mechanic of
the YEAR
All the pilots at Saginaw Browne are
proud to be associated with Steve and
his fantastic work ethic.  
Join us in congratulating Steve.
2015 SVAM Fly In
July 18 - 19